Kerala has a wealth of waterways. they are mostly used for a livelihood by the local villagers and as a means of transportation. This stands in contrast to the tourism industry that has found a new investment in these lakes and lagoons. The houseboat packages in Kerala offer a variety of entertainment for tourists from all over the world. This is different from the gondolas of Venice. The houseboats are boats developed to have a few bedrooms and living room which may go up in numbers with the types. The most luxurious ones may have up to 15 bedrooms with spa, Jacuzzi and pools to name a few. They are literally floating palaces.

Vembanad Lake is the most promising among all the lakes where houseboats take tourists for a boat ride that sticks to their minds forever. When all the water bodies in Kerala are summed up, they have interesting features to be noted. Some of them are connected by canals which can be navigated by shikharas only. They are similar to the ones in the famed Dal lake of Kashmir.  These boats take you on a ride through the canals with villages on both the banks. Even local people commute in these boats daily to move from one island village to another.

You can organize Kerala houseboat day tours if you are not interested in spending the night in the middle of the lake. That is also a once in a lifetime experience that can give you an out of the world experience. There are cheap Kerala houseboat packages readily available from anywhere in the world. Tourists from all over the world flock in huge numbers for a day of refreshing experience in the middle of the lakes. The best way to spend your vacation with family is on Kerala houseboat holiday packages that may include nearby destinations in Kerala like Munnar and thekkady.


Honeymoon is the best occasion to express your love and when you have the option to choose a budget Kerala houseboat packages for your loved one, you will have never missed the romantic atmosphere ever prevalent in these settings. The lakes with random sprouts of green islands offer an experience never before known. Enjoy the most for your time with your sweetheart and you can always have a delicious lunch with the special Keralite seafood specialties. Kerala is rich with lakes and rivers and you can choose whichever lake you want to according to the proximity to the places you are visiting.


For a better understanding, houseboats are mainly classified as standard, premium, deluxe and luxury. While standard and premium cater to couples and families with one to four bedroom facilities, deluxe and luxury are mainly used for group tours and conferences with six to fifteen bedrooms and conference halls additionally. The more luxurious ones are those with spa, Jacuzzi and pools giving you the ambience of five star resorts. They are also rated from two star to five star and seven star depending on the amenities provided. You can decide the best houseboat in your Kerala luxury houseboat packages and spend the day or stay overnight according to your needs.

This is exactly why Kerala tour packages with houseboat are the best way you can discover the heritage and culture of Kerala. For the new generation who seek thrill in their lives every moment, this houseboat ride can be a fascinating trip away from the usual chaotic city life. Enjoy yourself as you indulge in pure joy that this exceptional journey gives you. We are excited to hear from you. So keep us informed about your vacation plans.


James Hawthart & Sarah

An awesome experience and some wonderful coordination from the tour operators gave us the exciting holidays we needed very much. More to find out in Kerala and we are sure to return next year too. The hotel stay and food were very much indulging and we are returning with a refreshed body and rejuvenated mind.

Jigar Khan

Thank you keralatourpackagesguide for the wonderful services you offered us. We are delighted and sure to recommend you to our friends. My honeymoon was a heavenly experience. Sure to send some of my friends down south soon.

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Our family trip was coordinated well and the services were very well placed. Looking forward for more trips with you. My family got all those precious moments to cherish lifelong. We had the best food and the hotels reserved where just what we needed and much above our expectations. Courteous staff and drivers made the trip smooth.

Latha devi

We found some refreshing views throughout the trip and the route selected by the tour operators were very distinct and of good taste. We got more than what we expected and it was worth all the money spend. Wish we had come long before. Planning to make this a routine for every year as we select our yearly vacations and we are sure you are the best operator to handle it the best way.

The Rodingtons

When we started this journey, it was rather a wild goose chase. But we were guided well enough and we knew it would be a splendid experience. We are looking forward for more trips with this tour operator again. We are ready for more. Looking forward for more excitement and fun from this God’s own country. Let us write success stories together.

Chris Davis & Julia Davis

Casual and cool, this vacation turned out to be a showstopper for our kids. They were enjoying every bit of it and thanks to the tour operator, we never felt out of place even for a moment. Food to our tastes and enjoyment to our pace, we were transported to a wonder world of pure thrilling excitement.

Kerala Houseboat Packages
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